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Tens of people come from near and far to the clinic of Vered Gilad, to find the answer to their medical problems that conventional medicine has not found answers for. We went to see this place that you walk in with problems and walk out with answers


Who of us does not have one or more physiological problems that they deal with? Medical problems of all types are no longer only for the elderly. This is mostly because we do more, move more and under more pressure and busier than ever – from work, kids and the family, 

The market for herbal supplements has grown tremendously over the past few years, but none of us understand what is best for them and why. What will heal the infections or chronic colds that the suffer from, without marrying a doctor or learning for many years.  

Despite this, how can we know what Is the best herbal supplement that is worth to take notice of? How can we know is we should specifically take this one? Once you hear about one supplement that has changed the lives of many from end to end, it is worth checking out.  So, we went out and checked, and are happy to announce that we found it…

let us introduce Viralis, from the GILVERDI company.

Viralis is a unique herbal supplement containing 20 different herbs. These herbs are well known for their biological activities on the different body systems.


Vered Gilad lived in Japan for 12 years learning the secrets of medical herbs and conducted extensive research. We are not talking about witchcraft, rather herbs that contain active ingredients that reduce infections and boost the immune system. 

“There are people that are afraid of cancer, others of global warning, or robots overtaking the world. I am afraid of colds. The problem is that I suffered from colds all the time. During my childhood, it was Protec, those expensive pills that had a strange smell and taste that I used to take 4 at a time. Again, and again, I would hope that this time they would help, and again and again I was disappointed. That was until I took Viralis”, Yael Noyman tells us.
“I suffered from chronic colds and shortness of breath, going from doctor to doctor, with no one finding the solution to my problems. “The situation became unbearable. A few years ago, I got married, and I was unable to cook for me and my husband, as I was too afraid, I would not smell the food, and therefore not smell the gas either.” After speaking to various professionals, I heard about Vered Gilad and Viralis, and I went to consult with her. Vered suggested I take Viralis for a few weeks, and after just a few days, I started feeling an improvement, and I started smelling after years of being unable to. I was also able to start again exercising and playing sports.”

While talking to Yael, she told us: “My speaking to you without shortness of breath  is a victory for me. I am not embarrassed anymore to speak long conversations with people, afraid that I will have shortness of breath and need to stop talking. I already triumphed. If you like me, are suffering from chronic colds, I highly recommend VIralis.”

Dana suffered from terrible joint aches, that caused her much discomfort. “Even the smallest daily tasks, I was unable to do. Things that every normal person does not think twice about doing. I went from professional to professional with no success.
My brother was diagnosed with Corona and was hospitalized after he suffered from shortness of breath and high fevers. His roommate suggested trying Viralis. A few days later, he was discharged from the hospital. After he inquired further into Viralis, he mentioned that it helps joint aches and pains. The brother called Dana immediately. 

Dana decided to try and made an appointment to meet with Vered. Vered suggested a treatment. “For years I have suffered from pain to the point of being disabled. I rarely left the house. This morning, I walked along the beach, and everything was worth that. I triumphed.”

Another story that is hard to dispute is Moshe, 35 years old, who suffers from Chron’s disease. Most of his ailments and pain, started as an infection in his body. ” I have a friend that suffered from Chronic joint pain. After 3 days on Viralis, they were gone.

“I came to Vered by the recommendation of a cousin of mine, that had similar symptoms to Corona/ They shipped VIralis to his house, and within hours the symptoms were gone. It sounds unbelievable and I didn’t believe him, despite this, I tried it myself, and realized everything said is true.”

Viralis now for purchase

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GILVERDI’s dietary herbal supplements are based on the development of a unique combination of herbs, which enhance their properties and effectiveness

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