Alternative medicine sees the body and soul as one unit. Focused treatment of the ailment while taking into consideration the balance of the whole body and soul to cure it.

Alternative medicine originates in Eastern Asia. Currently, it is recognized by Western medicine and offers alternative solutions to various medical ailments.

Alternative medicine is based on natural ingredients, as Man has always utilized nature’s benefits to heal the body and soul. Alternative medicine does not combine chemical medicines or utilize invasive surgical procedures. When conventional treatments are unsuccessful, often for chronic ailments, alternative medicine steps in.

Currently, more and more people are finding treatment in Alternative Medicine, as the plant world offers unlimited options, not only for treatment but also for preventing diseases and safeguarding optimal health and harmony between the body’s various systems.

Aromatherapy – the origin of the word is a combination of the word aroma with the therapy of the body and soul. This is a part of herbal medicine that utilizes essential oils and herbs to treat, heal and cultivate. Smell is a basic sense and the most direct of the senses – therefore the brain responds to smell immediately. Essential oils are capable of absorbing into the body quickly. They are absorbed through the sense of smell, via the skin, and through the digestive system.


About Vered Gilad

During Vered Gilad’s 12 years in Japan, she studied and practiced alternative medicine and herbal virtues. She trained and specialized in schools in Osaka (Japan), acquiring a master’s in Phyto-homeopathy, Kampo-Yaku, naturopathy, shiatsu, nutritional medicine, and aromatherapy.

Parallel to her work in alternative medicine in Japan and Israel, she has researched and developed products for resolving various ailments, including the Viralis, Ageless, and Vitality formulas.
Vered Gilad is an expert in alternative medicine and aromatherapy and treats in these fields.

Who is this for?

Everyone, of all ages, anyone that wants to alleviate a physical or mental ailment

Every person must inform the Carer of any chronic ailment they might have, in addition to the one they came for treatment for. Our expert clinic will attempt to find the optimal treatment for you.

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